My Beautiful Daughter

Braces coming off

I took my daughter’s braces off last week. She was super excited as you can probably see from the video. I was pretty excited as well. As soon as they were off, she instantly looked older to me. It was the same thing that happened when I put them on. The opposite happens when you get braces as an adult. You tend to look much younger (that could be a great advertisement for braces:). She went through phase one treatment, so it only lasted about 6 months. In that short amount of time her look didn’t actually change much, but I think momentous life events seem to age kids in our minds. Getting braces on and taking them off are usually the two most exciting events in a young patient’s orthodontic experience. Everything in between is sometimes less fun. I’m fortunate that most of the work I do isn’t uncomfortable until the next day when patients are home. It’s more difficult when the patient is my daughter and I have to see her the next day. Fortunately, she was amazing and didn’t complain once. My girl has always been beautiful to me, regardless of the appearance of her teeth, but I love seeing the confidence she has with her new smile. I seriously love what I do. 

-Dr. Swapp

Braces off