Initial Consultation


Your first visit at Swapp Orthodontics will be awesome (non-biased opinion). You'll meet the team and tour the facilities. After we obtain the necessary records and information, you will meet with Dr. Swapp personally. He love's questions, so ask as many as you want. At the end of your appointment, you will know the length of your treatment, cost, and when you can start. 

Every Smile is Different


Since every smile is different, Dr. Swapp takes extreme care to develop the right plan for you. At your initial visit we perform a thorough oral exam. We will take x-rays and photos to analyze tooth shape, smile display, and all esthetic aspects of your teeth, lips, and mouth. He will use these records to explain how your smile will improve with orthodontic treatment. He will then discuss the functional aspects of your teeth and jaws. We want you to see how your personalized treatment plan will improve your face, jaw, smile, and overall quality of life.


New Patient Forms


Copies of new patient forms

Most of our paperwork can be filled out online. If you have any questions regarding the information on these forms, please feel free to call us anytime. 

Health History

HIPAA/Privacy practices