Meet Dr. Swapp



Dr. Swapp graduated from UNLV Dental School, where he finished summa cum laude, and was given the Dean’s Award for Top Academic Honors. He continued his dental education at Baylor College of Dentistry, and earned a masters degree in oral biology and orthodontics. He was awarded the Baylor Orthodontic Oscar for the best treated orthodontic case in his class.

Following his training, Dr. Swapp was asked to join the teaching faculty at Baylor, where he has published multiple orthodontic research articles. He received the Watson Award, which is given to the highest-rated research article of the year in the most prestigious orthodontic journal. Dr. Swapp is also board certified. A distinction that has only been achieved by 33% of orthodontists.

Outside of orthodontics, he enjoys spending time with family, restoring old cars, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. He and his family are active in their church and community, and are avid supporters of the Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Swapp has served as a Boy Scout leader for several years, and is an Eagle Scout himself. 

We look forward for you to meet him at your next appointment. We schedule plenty of time at your first appointment to ask questions, and learn more about him. 


Swapp Ortho Team


The Swapp Orthodontics team is knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help you through the teeth straightening process. With expertise in braces and Invisalign, we can meet and exceed your every need. We look forward to joining you on your journey to a new, more beautiful smile. 

Swapp Orthodontics | Orthodontist | Mansfield, TX
Swapp Orthodontics | Orthodontist | Mansfield, TX
Swapp Orthodontics | Orthodontist | Mansfield, TX
Swapp Orthodontics | Orthodontist | Mansfield, TX

Orthodontists and General Dentists


Dr. Swapp loves almost all aspects of dentistry, but he chose to dedicate his life to the science of orthodontics (what a great headstone quote:). This commitment required him to finish dental school at the top of his class, and then complete an additional 3 years of orthodontic specialty training. Most general dentists are very good at performing a wide variety of dental procedures, but only orthodontists can dedicate 100% of their attention to idealizing your tooth alignment, bite correction, and facial esthetics. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right orthodontist for your family. Scroll down to learn more.


Choosing an Orthodontist


When choosing an orthodontist, we suggest asking your primary dental care professional for recommendations. They usually know which orthodontists consistently produce exceptional results. In addition to asking for a referral, look for an orthodontist that is Board Certified. A Board Certified Orthodontist has gone through additional testing that required hundreds of additional hours of preparation to demonstrate they have the judgment, skills and knowledge required for providing the highest level of patient care. This level of mastery is only achieved by 33% of orthodontists.